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  1. YO!!! way into this idea! Check out the calendar and let's choose a night to start with. I have an interns/apprentices that are interested in getting footage as well. what sofware do you use for editing?
  2. @kiyanhinakathadoctah yo!!! thank you! homeboy will be forever celebrated. RIP
  3. Big Ups, @Mr Magurt!!! happy to see you here!
  4. @Wild Card thank you!!!!! we wish you the same!! see you in the dojo
  5. @Luji, @Wild Card , and @ångström we can begin with you all if you want!
  6. thanks for the links! @kiyanhinakathadoctah see you on Marcy St.!
  7. Welcome Nate! Thank you for joining us! looking forward to checking out your project!
  8. also follow me <3 ill follow back 


    1. 13pieces


      already following homeboy!  where can i buy that one track?

  9. peep the local collective if you haven't. send them submissions and stuff theyre really chill and up and coming 


    1. 13pieces


      word up!  where is their headquarters?


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