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    Hey, everyone. Luji here. It's one of those days where I woke up reminiscing about a lot of fun things before covid that I may have taken for granted or maybe have not have enjoyed as much as I could've. I miss going to the Dojo and just plugging my headphones in or getting a pair of silent disco headphones and blasting whoever was playing at the time while I work on a project or edit photos are read and just relax in the space. I really hope those days are coming back soon! Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  2. Were you guys still interested in trying to set this up?
  3. @13pieces I've been using Davinci Resolve. @clayboy what did you have in mind!? lets set something up
  4. A saturday in april could probably work!
  5. @ångström @Wild Card @13pieces what day did you think would be best to plan something like this out?
  6. I've been wanting to do more videography projects lately. I was thinking of many putting together a short 2-3 minute music video of sorts for someone who is playing at the Dojo sometime. It's just a practice idea that I have so far so I'm not charging anything currently. If any one is interested or has a related idea, let me know! Hope you're all having a good day! - Luji
  7. sorry.. been a little while since ive been on here. but ill also make a playlist and leave a usb with justin next time i'm back in the shop.
  8. lmk when! i can start putting a list of electro together!
  9. If someone is somewhat inexperienced i think the tracks being mixed in key could be a little bit of a helping had. Then maybe if we did a second one then it could a little more challenging. Kinda like leveling up in video games.
  10. I think we should all prepare sets that are in the order of key the songs are in. That still leaves plenty of room for various mixing styles to test with various genres. And maybe once whoever wants to is signed up, we could possibly pick 2 or 3 types of genres to put on a list so we all have unique sets.
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