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  1. Hey @kiyanhinakathadoctah! I recently created the What's In Your Headphones sub-forum for this after your suggestion. Sometimes I do mess up though and make the forum only visible and able to use for certain users, so if you are unable to access these forums, let me know and I'll fix that!
  2. This one's for the vinyl DJs. I'll admit, I've been recently buying some pretty expensive records off of Discogs. Only now I've started to consider if I'm really willing to pay 40+ dollars for a single sided record. For example, the past couple months I bought some Burial & Four Tet collaboration records. I paid $40 for their single sided "Nova" track and my buddy @Finnyboo paid $75 for their "Moth/Wolf Cub" release as a gift for my birthday. Felt a little ridiculous, but I love the tracks to death and figured that there were enough mixing opportunities (good opening tracks, good clos
  3. Yooooo what's up Curt! Glad to see you here, welcome to the forums!
  4. I'm gonna second the Bumblebee's for sure. Had a really great Blue Cheese burger from there one time before going to a drive in rave.
  5. That is the correct answer. 😆 Welcome to the board Kiyanhin!
  6. LucaLoFi

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    DJ Atakra

  10. Welcome nato! Excited to see what you're thinking of resurrecting! I'll be sure to email you soon, as you've peaked my interest.
  11. Welcome Angstrom! No worries about being wack, it's exciting to hear about what has brought you to our community and about your own community building efforts! P.S. I've got an old box of Magic cards around here somewhere. I get the feeling you would wreck me if we played though 😆
  12. I could see it being tricky to gather music in an unfamiliar genre, however, I do think it would be a great exercise. I feel like to do that, someone more experienced with something like drum & bass or any other genre would create a USB. Perhaps, were we to go that route, we could just draw the USBs out of the hat?
  13. Can't say I do remember 😆. Seems like getting lost is just part of the old school rave experience. What era was this? Are we talking 00s or 90s? I mostly ask because I've lately been thinking about how vinyl DJing would have worked in more extreme environments. I don't know how dusty Diablo Canyon is, but something like the Burning Man playa seems like a nightmare.
  14. I tend to have DJing anxiety dreams before a gig. Usually, I'm always opening for some artist I really love but for some reason I screw up or the equipment is broken or I forgot my records or something.
  15. I did see it Alice and fixed the issue. If you can post what you did in that previous topic here, that'd be good.
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