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    Hey, everyone. Luji here. It's one of those days where I woke up reminiscing about a lot of fun things before covid that I may have taken for granted or maybe have not have enjoyed as much as I could've. I miss going to the Dojo and just plugging my headphones in or getting a pair of silent disco headphones and blasting whoever was playing at the time while I work on a project or edit photos are read and just relax in the space. I really hope those days are coming back soon! Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  3. Were you guys still interested in trying to set this up?
  4. I'm not sure if anyone is interested in viewing old and forgotten whimsical mashups. I've always enjoyed listening to music while watching television on mute in inebriated states. Here is an attempt to mash up 90s x-men cartoons with Gucci mane that somewhere over a decade old. View at your own risk!
  5. @13pieces I've been using Davinci Resolve. @clayboy what did you have in mind!? lets set something up
  6. A saturday in april could probably work!
  7. A weekend day or night, if possible. If not I'll work something out that is agreeable for all. Depending on the REMIX schedule, how about March/April?
  8. A reference board of amazing artists and links to your freshest playlists :D
  9. Yes! I’m down. Let’s collaborate!
  10. YO!!! way into this idea! Check out the calendar and let's choose a night to start with. I have an interns/apprentices that are interested in getting footage as well. what sofware do you use for editing?
  11. @ångström @Wild Card @13pieces what day did you think would be best to plan something like this out?
  12. I've been wanting to do more videography projects lately. I was thinking of many putting together a short 2-3 minute music video of sorts for someone who is playing at the Dojo sometime. It's just a practice idea that I have so far so I'm not charging anything currently. If any one is interested or has a related idea, let me know! Hope you're all having a good day! - Luji
  13. sorry.. been a little while since ive been on here. but ill also make a playlist and leave a usb with justin next time i'm back in the shop.
  14. At the end of the day, we can only go one direction. "You afraid of heights? Because I'm going straight to the top!"
  15. I'm a big fan of every album by Carbon Based Lifeforms but Derelicts is my favorite album to listen to while working at the computer or around the house. The album is evocative but doesn't demand high levels of attention. The album is perfect for working on a wide variety of projects or chores. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o_uF1L5l6o
  16. I guess it depends on what a person is actually doing with the vinyl. If listening is the the purpose then I think vinyl is probably worth the money. As for buying records for performance purposes? I'm not too sure. I think records might be worth the money if they are rare enough and then ripped for use through serato, traktor or rekordbox. Personally, I'm much too poor to be buying doubles of everything to use for a performance, only to see the records gnarled up over time forcing me to buy them again in the future. I made a personal decision to go with digital vinyl and traktor af
  17. Hey @kiyanhinakathadoctah! I recently created the What's In Your Headphones sub-forum for this after your suggestion. Sometimes I do mess up though and make the forum only visible and able to use for certain users, so if you are unable to access these forums, let me know and I'll fix that!
  18. Create a sub-forum dedicated to what's on each person's jukebox, a type of 'what I'm currently listening to'. I think this would be a great way to exchange music and explore new horizons as a community.
  19. This one's for the vinyl DJs. I'll admit, I've been recently buying some pretty expensive records off of Discogs. Only now I've started to consider if I'm really willing to pay 40+ dollars for a single sided record. For example, the past couple months I bought some Burial & Four Tet collaboration records. I paid $40 for their single sided "Nova" track and my buddy @Finnyboo paid $75 for their "Moth/Wolf Cub" release as a gift for my birthday. Felt a little ridiculous, but I love the tracks to death and figured that there were enough mixing opportunities (good opening tracks, good clos
  20. @kiyanhinakathadoctah yo!!! thank you! homeboy will be forever celebrated. RIP
  21. Big Ups, @Mr Magurt!!! happy to see you here!
  22. A friend of mine told me the bad news 😕 I recorded a short freestyle scratch tribute for metal face. Hope y'all enjoy. RIP MF DOOM. https://youtu.be/bVKoOWPtm0w
  23. @Wild Card thank you!!!!! we wish you the same!! see you in the dojo
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