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Welcome Everyone! Happy 2nd Birthday Remix!


Welcome everyone to RMXMB (Remix Message Board)! On this little platform of ours, we hope to cultivate a community of passionate DJs, producers, artists, and people of all kinds to talk about the music scene and DJ culture.

Here are a couple guidelines you should follow to keep the vibe nice & accepting here. 

  1. Use common sense when posting stuff here. If you wouldn't post it on Facebook or wouldn't want to see it in your feed, don't post it here.
  2. Do not use language that demeans people's gender, race, sexuality, or identity. 
  3. Keep posts in their appropriate categories. If you have something to post that doesn't fit anywhere else, post it in The Lounge.

We recommend you start out by posting in the "Say What's Good!" forum and introduce yourself. To post in any forum, click the red "Start new topic button." 

If you run into any issues while using the website or just have any questions in genera, feel free to email me at rmxabmedia@gmail.com or message me here on the forums with that little red envelope in the top right corner.


~Luca LoFi

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